From Valdobbiadene to Colesel

We let ourselves be ruled by our sixth sense, that of the earth; to transfer our passion and the deep roots that bind us to the “praised” and enchanted place that hosts us in everything we do.

A unique place, a heritage that we proudly represent but which, thanks to UNESCO recognition, belongs to all of humanity.


A nature designed as a pentagon of vineyards and narrow hills within five sides: two facing the Treviso Pre-Alps, two facing the nearby Valdobbiadene and the more distant Conegliano, while the last one, descending, overlooks the valley.


Natural "Republic" founded on bubbles, Cartizze extends over a hilly area of ​​which Colesel pride itself for one of the highest "peaks".

106 hectares of vineyards located within a micro-zone of Valdobbiadene characterized by a particular coexistence of diversity, morphological and climatic. Each suitable for hosting its wine.

A tiring land capable of teaching us patience and stubbornness every day. Because only by respecting it can it give us its best fruits.