It is probably true that we have wine in our veins. Colesel was, is and will be a crossroads of lives- in every possible way. A series of strong and tenacious generations that handed down a pure, passionate and stubborn DNA.

Our history is not only a family history; it's a team affair that represent the pride we share for our land.
A strong rural tradition and a contagious enthusiasm that inspire us to share a love. A love we're not jealous of, on the contrary: a love we are willing to donate, take care of and narrate to everyone will want to fall in love with.

Just like us.

The story of Colesel was born in 1949 from the land of Cartizze, in the heart of Valdobbiadene, and is a story of peasant tradition on the bond between man and his land.

Today Siro and his sons Vlady and Antonio continue to carry on the family tradition by passionately tending the vineyards which extend over steep and tiring hills up to over 450 meters above sea level. Colesel Spumante is born. A sparkling wine that comes from a land that combines the stubbornness of the winemakers with the culture of tradition, the tenacity of work, the innovation of knowledge.

As Vlady says: "Working with white gloves", combining passion and respect for the territory with the modernity of applied technology, where the Italian method expresses the grape variety with great identity in a sparkling wine with a unique style: the Colesel style.