From Valdobbiadene to Colesel

We let ourselves be ruled by our sixth sense, that of the earth; to transfer our passion and the deep roots that bind us to the “praised” and enchanted place that hosts us in everything we do.

A unique place, a heritage that we proudly represent but which, thanks to UNESCO recognition, belongs to all of humanity.


Valdobbiadene is the only area in the world where this wine is produced. The unique shapes that characterize the landscape are the result of the exceptional nature on the geological level of the earth and its movements.
In this evolution, man and landscape shape each other: the hills follow the natural shapes of the territory and the steep slopes impose "heroic viticulture".
The different combinations of exposure, slope and soil enhance the uniqueness of each microzone.
To which is added the action of man who, by cultivating the vine, carries on the centuries-old tradition of Prosecco Superiore and Superiore di Cartizze


In the heart of Valdobbiadene there is a very small hill of 106 hectares enclosed in a Pentagon since 1969: the cartridge.
In this geographically unrepeatable ground there is a precise selection of vineyards from which the most valuable of sparkling wines is born.
It is a perfect combination of sweet microclimate and very ancient soils, made up of blackberries, sandstones and sea -derived clays.
Parcels of land designed on steep hills that look to the south, with a particular exposure to the sun. The altitude influences the climate tempered by the winds and the waterways flow into the subsoil following the slopes and stay where the ground is able to retain them.


Cestel is the name of the "little hill" property of the company for generations.
It is in fact in honor of these four hectars, among the highest in the microzone, that in 1986 Siro Bortolin chose to call the company: just like the hill that has always distinguished it.
Colesel is not only a hill, but represents the identity and continuous passion that distinguish the philosophy of our company and represents the key point of our work: excellence.

Colesel and Cartizze Vineyards Map