Harvest in Cartizze

Harvest is a magic ritual that tells us stories of tradition and value of the territory. There comes a time when the grapes get that golden shades that are the reflection of the precious gift that the land gives us every year. The passion of our hands goes towards the very heart of the Cartizze, when the vineyards take new colours and welcome people and traditions. It is the magic of the harvest, that means care and dedication in the name of the quality of our spumanti.

Discover our world

Wine tasting in the cellar

The right occasion to go towards the taste, beyond what you see, explore the land that everyday gives us its precious gift, live an experience that starts from the cellar, goes trough the green lines of the hills until reaching the vineyards and the lands where we produce our wines.
An experience to cherish and bring home with you together with the taste of our wines still in your mouth.
Until the next bottle.

Pic-nic in the vineyards

Live an unforgettable experience! Spend a pleasant day outside right on our vineyards within the Cartizze hills that stretch beyond the gaze. Tasting some local delights and pairing them with a glass of Colesel spumante while enjoying the amazing view will take the experience to the next level. The Conegliano-Valdobbiadene hills are Unesco World Heritage, a corner of heaven that we would like you to get the most of through all the good offered by this enchanted land.

Live the experience