C Colesel Rosè

Not only "bubbles”.

They are the application of a clear and precise vision, of a unique and recognizable identity, the union of tradition and technology applied to sparkling wine. Cleanliness and stylistic rigor are distinctive features of the Colesel line.

Alongside products of marked versatility such as Colesel Valdobbiadene Fontana Vecia And Colesel Valdobbiadene Prato Scuro, Colesel gives expression and voice to the territory with the Colesel Cartizze Pentagon69 and the Colesel Valdobbiadene Tridik Quota 430, company standard-bearers for modernity and low sugar dosage.
Colesel Valdobbiadene Elevo tradition that reflects elegant softness.
The Colesel Valdobbiadene Organic - Pal De Testa it is the choice to bring the biological vision of a different cultivation and work in the vineyard into the bottle.
The Colesel Brosa Rosé is the result of research on a grape variety from the Belluno area, Pavana, where the grapes are vinified in Valdobbiadene and made into sparkling wine using the Italian method.