PergolTre60 the panoramic terrace on the Cartizze area

PergolTre60, the panoramic terrace in the Cartizze area, an exclusive garden above the Colesel Winery.

Colesel calls its exclusive Terrazza in the Cartizze area"PergolTre60": the "Pergol" is the dialect version of Terrazza, "Tre60" wants to highlight that the panorama and landscape is seen at 360 degrees and offers a unique and complete view of our territory.

The Terrace is located above the vinification cellar, created and completed in 2019, above which it was born the concept of creating a place that united the strong bond with the territory and sharing this,with customers, visitors and tourists was born.

PergolTre60 was born in 2023, the panoramic terrace overlooking Cartizze, an exclusive and unique garden above the Colesel winery.

On the left side the Colesel hill and the Cartizze area , on the right side the DOCG and in front, looking up, the Tridik, the highest vineyard, that dominates always; here the vineyards and nature create this fantastic natural setting.

Below is the Vinification cellar where the grapes are processed and the sparkling wine bases for all Colesel selections are created.

A garden created for Hospitality for tastings and guided tours, for corporate and private events, to fully breathe the Colesel philosophy of this great link between history and tradition, respect for nature, modernity and applied technology.

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